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Some Chapters Are Short

26 Mar

Some Chapters Are Short

Two weeks ago we sent the food truck back down to LA with a calendar full of promising events and the hope for a bright future. As Adam pulled away I thought to myself “On to the next chapter”.

With several school fundraisers lined up, a few private catering events and the LA Times Festival of Books to look forward to, this was looking like month that was going to help pull us out of Winter.

It was only just a week ago that all that came to a screeching halt. Within days every single event we had coming up was canceled. A flood of emails came in from every direction addressing COVID-19, the novel Coronavirus. School closures, bar and restaurant closures, large gatherings canceled…event the NBA got Canceled! By the hour things changing, the number of cases growing, the number of deaths increasing, the number of new cases popping up even in our own county. Grocery stores running out of toilet paper, bottled water, bread, canned soup, pasta. Empty shelves. Lines out the door for two hours at Costco, rationing how many per person.

With all the uncertainty we thought it best to bring our truck back home to Los Osos while we ride out the storm.

We drove down first thing Thursday morning.

To be continued…

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