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Pineapple Express Rains Out The Greasy Wiener

15 Feb

Pineapple Express Rains Out The Greasy Wiener

This rain is no joke! One minute the blue sky is peeking through the clouds, the next a gusty downpour, five minutes later it’s sunny again. You never know what to expect with this crazy weather pattern, they call it a Pineapple Express. It could be pouring in Los Osos and clear in Paso. That’s just how it is here on the Central Coast.

The rain has definitely thrown us a curveball with our schedule as of late and we want to thank everyone in advance for bearing with us while we wait it out. We’ve had to call off a couple shifts the last few days due to the rain. It’s a total bummer to have to do that, but it’s not worth the risk.

Because, safety is key! It’s dangerous to drive a food truck in the rain. Especially driving over that steep grade on the 101 or that windy back road on the 41. We’re high-profile and top heavy, those wind gusts are killer. We’ve already had some scary experiences on both of those roads…like, out of a movie scary!

We want to get our hot dogs out there to all the hungry masses, but we have to be safe. So, we’re just waiting for the storm to blow through.

We’ll always give as much notice as we can, so if you’re anticipating our appearance at a spot near you and the weather is looking if-ey, then check our Instagram or reach out to us directly to make sure we’ll be there!

See you on the road!

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