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Our Food

California handmade hot dogs and sausages


The Greasy Wiener ™ is our original family recipe, all beef hot dog, made with fresh, high quality, locally sourced ingredients.  Our natural casing, hand twisted hot dogs are made with NO hormones, NO steroids, NO fillers. Each order is served on our signature bakery fresh buns.  Included in our daily menu is a variety of gourmet sausages and our hand pattied angus beef burgers.

Hot Dogs

  • GW

    Family recipe all beef dog – grilled onions, mustard & kosher pickle spear. Extras: sauerkraut, truck-made cheese, or truck made chili

  • Bacon wrapped dog – fresh tomatoes, grilled onions, mayo & ketchup

  • Bacon wrapped dog – chili, cheese, grilled onions, mustard & kosher pickle spear

  • Tofu dog – fresh tomato, cheese, grilled onion, mustard & kosher pickle spear

Sausages & Burgers

  • Aged cheddar infused bratwurst – grilled bell pepper, grilled onion & mustard

  • 1/2 lb. Angus beef hand pattied burger – American cheese, grilled onion & pickle


The Best Quality Ingredients…
California Made

  • Los Angeles award winning hot dogs, California made since 2010
  • Hand made original family recipe hot dogs
  • Our buns are custom and locally made for the Greasy Wiener
  • Fresh locally sourced ingredients