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Our Food

California handmade hot dogs and sausages

Hot Dogs

  • GW

    Family recipe all beef dog – grilled onions, mustard & kosher pickle spear. Extras: sauerkraut, truck-made cheese, or truck made chili

  • Bacon wrapped dog – mayo, ketchup, grilled onions & fresh tomatoes

  • Bacon wrapped chili dog – mustard, truck made cheese and chili, grilled onions & kosher pickle spear

  • Soy dog – mustard, truck made cheese, grilled onions, fresh tomatoes & kosher pickle spear

Sausages & Burgers

  • Aaged cheddar infused bratwurst – mustard, grilled onions & bell peppers

  • Bacon wrapped chicken apple sausage – BBQ sauce and grilled onions

  • Hand patty angus beef burger – grilled onions, pickles and american cheese


The Best Quality Ingredients…
California Made

  • Los Angeles award winning hot dogs, California made since 2010
  • Hand made original family recipe hot dogs
  • Our buns are custom and locally made for the Greasy Wiener
  • Fresh locally sourced ingredients