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Not Some Cheap Piece of Meat!

29 Apr

Not Some Cheap Piece of Meat!

Did you know we serve our OWN brand of hot dog? That’s right! When someone asks us what kind of hot dog we use, we proudly say we serve a Greasy Wiener.

Our Wieners

Our hot dogs are made for us using our OWN family recipe. They’re all beef using no hormones, no steroids and no fillers!

We don’t use some cheap, mass produced, mystery meat, national brand hot dog. No, sir!

Our dogs are hand twisted, wood chip smoked and stuffed in a natural casing, giving it that satisfying snap when you bite in!

Our family recipe is made with a secret combination of the best quality meat, beef to fat ratio and a special blend of spices passed down to us from years of cooking in the kitchen with Nanna.

We serve up our Greasy Wieners the way they do it back home in New Jersey, deep fried! Which is where our name comes from. All our dogs and sausages are flash fried, which we feel holds in the flavor and juices better than a rubbery old boiled hot dog.

Truck Made Toppings

In addition to traditional hot dog toppings and condiments we make our own chili and our own cheese sauce from scratch. Our chili is made without beans, but it does have angus beef, our hot dogs and sausages, fresh veggies and garlic and a couple other secret ingredients to make it some of the heartiest and flavorful chili you’ve ever had!

Same with our cheese sauce, we melt down a mixture of cheeses and stir in a special blend of spices and ingredients to give it a creamy, rich texture that’s loaded with flavor!

Our Burgers

Our hand crafted burgers are made with 100% angus beef, they’re weighed to measure a half pound and hand pattied in house. We season each patty with our secret blend of salt and spices to bring out the meat’s natural flavor. They’re seared on both sides to give it a nice crust and cooked to perfection on the flat top, served on a toasted fresh baked brioche bun.

Steamy Buns

We use quality brioche buns baked fresh from a local bakery. They’re steamed and then toasted on the flat top right before they’re filled with a Greasy Wiener and all the toppings your heart and tastebuds could desire.

So the next time you see us at an event stop by and say hi…and grab a Greasy Wiener for you and a friend!

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