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New Items!!!

28 Jul

New Items!!!

If you’ve been by the truck lately you may have noticed a few new items on the menu board. Some wings and a couple gourmet family recipe sausages. They’re actually not new to us, they’re old favorites we used to run at special events and for catering in Los Angeles.

If you like wings you’re going to LOVE our wings! We fill a basket of crispy, juicy chicken wings and toss them in your choice of Buffalo, Barbecue or Teriyaki sauce. You’ll need extra napkins because these babies are SAUCEY! And these sauces are not just your typical sauces, we add in some secret ingredients to make them extra silky and delicious. Laid over a bed of our crispy fresh cut fries to soak up all that extra juice and you’ve got yourself a tasty meal nobody’s going to complain about.

Now on to the gourmet family recipe sausages….hope you like spicy because they both are! We’ve brought back our Chicken Cilantro Jalapeno and Chicken Cajun sausages. Also known as the Born To Run and The Situation, respectively.

Our Born To Run is topped with grilled onion, grilled bell pepper, mayo and mustard and comes on a pretzel bun. It’s super juicy and the cilantro-jalapeno combination takes this chicken sausage to another level. One bite of the Born To Run and you’ll be running back for more.

The Situation is topped with grilled onion, mustard, our homemade chili and fresh tomato and comes on a pretzel bun. This chicken sausage is packed with flavor from the mix of Cajun spices we use to turn up the heat. With all those toppings this is one situation you’ll want to get into again and again.

Both of these gourmet family recipe sausages are made just like the rest of our wieners – in small batches, hand twisted, wood chip smoked and made with No Hormones, No Steroids and No Fillers.

The next time you come by you gotta try one of our “new” items!

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