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It’s National Comfort Food Day! Let’s Have Some Chili!

5 Dec

It’s National Comfort Food Day! Let’s Have Some Chili!

We love to celebrate food holidays, especially when it falls on a Friday and when December 5th is National Comfort Food Day. While everyone has their favorite food that makes them feel warm and fuzzy inside, overall CHILI is ranked among the top 5 comfort foods. Chili is one of our favorites, too. Everyone has their own way of how they make it, some recipes even carry over from generation to generation. Chili is one of those foods that is great on a cold day and perfect during the winter!

A simmering pot of chili that warms up your home and your stomach, that’s pure comfort. From our kitchen to your bellies, we have our award-winning “The Bomb” hot dog that has been a long time fan favorite. “The Bomb” was a medal winner in both taste and originality at the OC Fair in 2011, where we proudly beat Pink’s Hot Dogs.

Imagine an all beef hot dog (our original family recipe) wrapped in smoked bacon, then topped with melted cheese, our homemade chili, onions, mustard and a pickle spear coming straight out of our food truck window, with a stream of steam and the aroma from the chili and it’s spices wafting from our window.

los angeles food truck pink's  chili dog best hot dogs


It’s pretty hard to resist, right? Add to that our “Bomb Fries” a deconstructed version of our “Bomb”seasoned french fries topped with bacon, chili and cheese, simply called the “Bomb Package“. Some of the original Wiener fans from our early start-up days will remember this wonderful combination!

We are going to be offering a Flash Back Friday Deal–through the end of December when you visit The Greasy Wiener order  the “BOMB PACKAGE” and you’ll get a FREE DRINK WITH YOUR MEAL.

los angeles best hot dogs cbs los angeles hot dog food truck

Award wining bomb dog featured with bomb fries- bacon wrapped topped with chili, cheese, onions, mustard and dill pickle spear

We want you to enjoy one of your favorite comfort foods not just today but every day through the end of this month!

Happy National Comfort Food Day





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