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Brisket, Brisket, Come Get Your 14-Hour Smoked Brisket!

13 Feb

Brisket, Brisket, Come Get Your 14-Hour Smoked Brisket!

We upped our equipment game this past Christmas with a Pit Boss Smoker…and what did we start smoking, you guessed it, BRISKET!

Because you pretty much can’t find any BBQ here in our little town of Los Osos, CA , so we decided to fill that void and bring it!

We’ve been getting our hands on some top quality prime beef brisket cuts and getting our 14- smoke on once a week and dishing it out on the weekends…and once it’s gone, it’s gone!

We’re serving it up as a sandwich, on a burger or over our fan favorite Bomb Fries!

The Brisket Sandwich is stacked heavy with a 7 oz. portion of perfectly sliced 14-hour smoked brisket drizzled with sweet and spicy barbecue sauce, our house made coleslaw and bread and butter pickles nestled between a bakery fresh french roll. Damn it’s good! *pictured above on our brioche burger bun.

The Brisket Burger comes with a healthy 3 oz. portion of our 14-hour smoked brisket layered atop our nearly half pound angus burger patty with cheese, grilled onion, pickle, sweet and spicy barbecue sauce and our house made coleslaw. This thing is a monster!

Brisket Bomb Fries

The Brisket Bomb Fries takes our signature chili, cheese and bacon topped fries to the next level with an additional 3 oz. handful of our 14-hour smoked brisket ends and pieces drizzled with sweet and spicy barbecue sauce. It’s a meal in itself!

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See you at the truck!


Wiener Girl

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