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Best LA Food Truck Catering The Greasy Wiener Delivers a Wonderful Experience

21 Feb

Best LA Food Truck Catering The Greasy Wiener Delivers a Wonderful Experience

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Best Food Truck Catering in Los Angeles


LA Food Truck Catering – Looking for the best food truck in Los Angeles to cater your next event?  Look no further than The Greasy Wiener food truck!

Please the crowd with our own award winning brand of all beef hot dogs, sausages, burgers, fries and more.  


That’s right we serve our OWN brand of all beef hot dogs, not a mass produced, national brand, mystery meat dog.  Our frankfurters are hand twisted, wood chip smoked using the best quality meat with NO hormones, NO steroids and NO fillers.  We pack our dogs into a natural casing that gives it that satisfying SNAP when you bite into them



Gourmet food trucks are a popular choice for catering events in Los Angeles because with a myriad of delicious cuisines to choose from, catchy names and colorful wraps they’re a CONVENIENT way to feed guests.  

A mobile kitchen on wheels is the most convenient thing since sliced bread.  It rolls in, guests enjoy and it rolls out…taking with it all the mess and leaving nothing behind to clean up!

The Greasy Wiener is NO exception!  And the convenience doesn’t stop at our gourmet kitchen on wheels.  



Do you have a large group to feed in a short window of time?  With our fast, streamlined operation we can cater a high volume of people faster than any truck out there…all without compromising our great quality!  So far, our record is 200 people in 20 minutes!

How you ask?!  We like to call it our…drum roll, please…Gourmet Hot Dog Bar!  We hand your guest their choice of wiener or sausage on a bun. Next, they head over to our beautiful Gourmet Hot Dog Bar and dress up their dog just the way they like.  You will definitely be the hero at your event because your guests will have fun with the food and they won’t have to wait long to get our juicy hot dogs in their bellies!  It’s a win-win!  



Want The Greasy Wiener at your event but don’t have the space to fit the truck (or maybe the budget)?  Not a problem!  We can set up our remote grilling station in your backyard, office patio, roof top deck…you name it, we’ll fit ourselves right in!



Want to have a casual gathering but you’re still craving The Greasy Wiener?  No need to have the truck and whole set up…we can bring our wieners and all the fixings right to your doorstep! Prepared within an hour of delivery, we pack everything up in an insulated box so everything stays fresh for up to 4 hours!


Are you a grill master and want to be in charge of the cooking?  You can purchase our hot dogs online in 1lb. and 5lb. packs!  Our custom, bakery fresh buns are available too!  Shoot us an email and we’ll ship em right out to you!

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